Illustrated Bible Stories (that they won't tell you in Sunday School)
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A Lot of Naughty Stuff

Abraham and his wife Sarah lived quite near the city of Sodom. Abraham had a nephew, called Lot, who lived in the city along with his wife and two lovely daughters. Unfortunately, Sodom was an awful place and everyone who lived there was really, really wicked. For example, it was quite common for men to put their penises inside other men's bottoms. The Lord was really disgusted by this, and no wonder. I mean, that’s not what He made bottoms for at all! So God got really mad at the people of Sodom and decided to kill them all and obliterate the city. But there was one problem. Abraham's nephew, Lot, was a righteous man. He didn't deserve to die. So God sent two angels to get Lot and his family out of Sodom before the destruction began…


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