Illustrated Bible Stories (that they won't tell you in Sunday School)
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Bald Men Are People Too
The Story of Elisha And The Bears

His curse invoked God who sent two female bears to descend upon the children. The little dears couldn't believe what was happening and they began screaming and screaming.

The bears slashed at them with their sharp claws and sank their massive jaws into their skin until there was blood everywhere.

The children's parents came rushing out to see what all the horrible screaming was about. When they saw their children being torn apart by the huge bears they could scarcely believe their eyes. Some of the mothers went into hysterics, while other parents frantically tried to think of how to stop the horrible carnage. But they were simply helpless against the will of God. When it was all over, there were 42 children that were ripped apart by the bears God had sent through His prophet.

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